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Does your child lack confidence?

Boost self-confidence for children

A high level of self-confidence is one of the best ways in which to eliminate limiting beliefs. We may have spent many years or even decades harboring these limiting beliefs. There are several ways in which we will help boost your child’s self-confidence:

  • Give your child genuine compliments – without overdoing it – about something that they have said or done.
  • Dig into your own life experiences, and share instances whereby you lacked confidence and were able to boost yourself. Tell them that they can do it too, and explain how they can do it. For example, if you have a child who is afraid to speak in public, try asking him or her to practice in front of a mirror.
  • Try to listen more than you talk. Often, the feeling of being acknowledged and respected does a lot to promote self-confidence. One of the main reasons that children lack self-confidence is when they feel that they are not important enough or that people do not enjoy their company.
  • Tell your children that you trust in their ability to make decisions and choices. Repeat this statement a couple of times during your conversations.
  • Acknowledge and recognize the way in which your child dealt with a situation, tackled a challenge or did something different than before. Some important things in our lives go unnoticed unless it is highlighted and brought to our awareness.
  • Discuss different subjects, and allow the child to talk and offer their views and opinions. Use positive, empowering language.

The most important thing that I will do as a life coach is to motivate your child to take control of his/her own confidence. You may wish to consider helping them gradually move away from basing their self-esteem on the opinions of others and, instead, ground it within themselves. Their self-confidence will gradually improve when they realize that the only important thing to consider is what they think of themselves.

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